Stone Stacker Bracelet / Blue Sandstone
Stone Stacker Bracelet / Blue Sandstone
Stone Stacker Bracelet / Blue Sandstone

Stone Stacker Bracelet / Blue Sandstone

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    • Beautifully handmade to order
    • Bead size is approx 10mm - polished & round
    • Natural variations exist within each gem bracelet
    • Layout of beads may vary depending on the size you pick
    • Bracelet is stretchable to gently roll on over your hand
    • Pre-stretched
    • Listing is for one (1) bracelet

  • Choosing Bracelet Size
    It is important that you measure your wrist accurately. Please choose your snug wrist measurement, the bracelet will fit over the measurement you select. I have tubes that measure all sizes to mimic ones wrist size; I will make sure the bracelet slides over the size you choose. Please do not inflate or guess your measurement.

    Snug Wrist Measurement
    Measure your wrist using a flexible tape measure, strip of paper, string, or a cord. Measure where you would normally wear the bracelet, usually right below the wrist bone, unless you are stacking multiple bracelets then measure above the wrist bone. If you are using a string/cord/paper wrap it around your wrist so it is snug to your skin and mark it with marker, then lay it flat and measure it with a ruler. Choose that measurement or (or 1/4" larger if you like them loose).

    Bracelets are custom made after your order is placed. Custom ordered bracelets are not exchangeable. If you need your bracelet resized there will be a restringing fee.

    Jewelry Care
    When putting on your bracelet, remove all jewelry that the bracelet will have to go over (ie. rings and watches). Cone your hand and gently roll the bracelet on, rather than pulling or stretching the bracelet on.